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19th November 2012

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Marfa Girl (2012) - the future of film distribution?

Tomorrow, the 20th of November 2012, director Larry Clark will release his new film, Marfa Girl, only through his webpage, It will not be released in theaters nor will it come out on DVD or any other format as far as I know. For 24 hours you can stream the feature length film for $5.99 and, as it seems, that will be it. Those who were able to attend the Rome International Film Festival this year might have caught in there on the big screen but the rest of us have to let do with watching it sofa-style.

Marfa Girl (Larry Clark, 2012) photo taken from

Recently it has become more of a trend to release music online and without the help of big distributors or almost any infiltration of a third party. Artists are more and more understanding the benefit of DIY as the accessibility of the Internet rises by the minute. With a bit of work you can produce-in-home (with various levels of knowledge) a good quality product and release online and self manage your business, income, and your artistic/promotional values. Now Clark is taking film distribution to a similar level and I just hope other directors will take his example as food for thought. His way of releasing this film is just one way and the future will undoubtedly see various independent films being released in vast and diverse replicated ways.

Personally I will pay up tomorrow and enjoy this unique and historical moment, not because I am an avid fan of Larry Clark, but rather to participate in the future.

The Guardian has published a review of the film for those interested.

Marfa Girl (2012) on IMDb.

Below you can see an excerpt from the film taken from

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